ACC I course – consciousness and the five bodies

The foundation – a clear orientation in the inner world: working with five bodies, the natural hierarchy, the correct actions, and their sequence.

The core knowledge – since everything is happening within yourself, you are the only one who can change what takes place there.

The AoCC method is the result of 30 years of yogic research, insights, and 25 years of teaching.

In the Kantar-Emor survey conducted in 2018:

*90% of the respondents said the course either matched or exceeded their expectations.

*The participants reported that the greatest impact of using the method is an increased capacity of self-management, happiness, overall increase in the quality of life and decreased stress levels.

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Figure yourself out!

Who am I? Why are things going the way they are? What’s wrong with me? If you are one of the billions of people who are on the search for answers about their lives, you are at the right place.

The main focus of the day is the foundation of the new paradigm: clear orientation in the system of five bodies, and discovering your primary tool – consciousness.

The system of five bodies is a holistic and structured approach that enables you to finally understand yourself: your emotions and thoughts, your True Self, the purpose of your life, and your true capabilities.

The course enables everyone to directly examine how their behavior and habits emerge. You will discover what motivates you most, and get to know your own emotions and mind. With guidance, you will discover what awareness and consciousness are in practice. You will begin to clearly identify the reactions of your subconscious, and the current leading role they play in your life. Aside from your subconscious existence, you will also get to experience your true nature (the True Self), and feel relaxed and happy.

Practices covered in the AoCC I course are: discernment, becoming aware of the reality, prolonging the moment of noticing, discovering static consciousness, using qualities of consciousness in active form, conscious observation, and distinguishing between the “bodies.”

By the end of the day you will:

  • learn the main skill that is the foundation of any self-management and the basis of the AoCC: orientation in what is happening to you based on the system of five bodies. You will get a practical map for your entire life that helps you find clarity in each and every situation;
  • learn to distinguish at which of the five levels the real cause of your problem is located;
  • get the recepie for achieving inner silence, and experience and realize the saying “you are not your thoughts”;
  • learn to stay in the present moment, and understand what the present moment is;
  • personally experience how the sensations of the physical body differ from emotions;
  • discover your awareness and consciousness and know how to recognize them in future, in everyday situations;
  • get the invaluable experience that has been described in legends and scriptures, and that films and spiritual teachings speak of: experiencing the answer to every person’s basic question: “Who am I?”.

By exploring the causes of suffering and problems, I discovered that although all people have awareness and consciousness, they use these very little in their practical everyday lives. I also discovered that in the constant swirl of changing emotions and thoughts, people do not know who they really are. They have no experience of their True Self and therefore miss out on stable happiness, wisdom and peace. Without something to compare it to, you consider suffering to be the norm, and do not know that it is possible to eliminate suffering and other such problems for good. As yet, we have had no inner technology for addressing these obstacles.

The AoCC I is a one-day course. The first and the second course are taught together, as a whole – over two consecutive days.

In addition to myself, the ACC I-II courses are taught by practitioners who are licenced to do that. They teach the course from the perspective of their specialty or experience: AoCC for entrepreneurs (Ville Jehe); AoCC to achieve mental wellness (Dr. Med. Helena Lass), and AoCC to overcome eating addictions (Aigi Vahing). All courses by all teachers can be seen (in Estonian) on:

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Consciousness is the remedy for confusion. It is the only way to orientate yourself amongst the mess, understand it, and if you have the correct techniques also to change it.