AoCC III: learn to erase mental concepts

Your every thought is a wish with which you create your reality.

Learn how your mental concepts influence your perception, feelings, decisions and behavior.

With skills to immediately release / erase problematic thought patterns, we unlock a new, faster and more effective way to progress.

Many years back, during a deep meditation, I came to realize how our everyday thoughts create our reality, on a causative level. Like many others, you may be under the impression that our thoughts simply reflect the reality happening around us. I discovered, however, that it is in fact the other way around – it is not the reality that is reflected in our thoughts, instead it’s the concepts that shape our reality. This adds a whole other level to the importance of clearing our minds, ridding ourselves of concepts, prejudices, negative beliefs and thoughts that are counterproductive.

In the Kantar-Emor survey conducted in 2018:

* About 60% of the respondents practice AoCC techniques every day;

* Men use the acquired techniques more than women.

The autopilot of thoughts – thief of the present

Have you ever noticed your thoughts activating automatically, by themselves? At best, you will catch yourself several minutes down the line, having already been deep in thought – chewing over painful memories or inventing future scenarios – for some time. Thinking creates illusions and as you drown into your inner virtual reality, you loose touch with the actual one. It is much more difficult to achieve your goals when hesitations, worries, obsessions, irrelevant topics or constant over-thinking are constantly getting in your way.

What to do with thoughts?

The third course of AoCC focuses on the mental level i.e. the mind, mental concepts, disturbing memories, and imaginations.

More often than not, people try to suppress their negative or disturbing thoughts, think positively, use affirmations, etc. Unfortunately, without eliminating routine thinking patterns i.e. concepts, these methods can only bring about short-term results. For example, you’ve probably heard the phrase: “If you think you can’t, you can’t ….”. This is a concept: “I can’t”, and no affirmation or any other modification you add / do, won’t cause it to vanish. In fact, every thought is a concept. Until erased through conscious release, it will still run as a program, only now with additions. The presence of these long-standing subconscious and automatic thoughts constantly shapes your relationships, attitudes, judgments, condition, motives, behavior and more. And the outcome is suffering; billions of people around the world are not happy with this.

Immediately focus on the solution

Immediate release of the concept is the new, fastest and most reliable way forward.

From personal experience, I can assure you that those previously mentioned substitutions (i.e. denying your thoughts, “positive thinking” etc) are unnecessary. The AoCC is a set of techniques developed in cooperation with my teachers. Based on ancient yogic knowledge, we are not trying to get rid of our mind. Instead, we are learning to be in charge of the mind as our inner tool; to cleanse it from prejudice-based and biased information, rearrange and train it where required.

The content of the third course:

During AoCC III you will discover how thinking functions, in what ways it is causative, and how it creates reality. The course will teach you how awareness can be used to change what is going on in your head. You will learn techniques on how to erase all unhelpful mental concepts, so that they no longer hinder you.

The course covers: stopping thoughts technique, active use of awareness, discovering the relationship between subject and mental objects, becoming aware of your mental body, recognizing the concepts, releasing verbal and visual concepts, and the use of intention.

You will be amazed to find out, that erasing a concept takes only 10 seconds. No repetitive “work”, lengthy meditation, external facilitator or special conditions are needed – you can release them on the go, immediately as they appear. Without anyone noticing.

The skills you walk away with

By the end of the day, you will be able to use simple techniques that have an immediate effect, and which help you to:

  • become aware of your thoughts and their content;
  • recognize the preconceptions and convictions which maintain your problems;
  • discover that thoughts are conceptual and create your reality;
  • realize that the content of your perceptions does not match reality;
  • get rid of concepts and obstructing thought patterns in an instant;
  • discover your “false self”, or ego, and differentiate it from your True Self;
  • create new concepts that align with reality and support your life.

As a result of the course, you will be provided with the skills to successfully handle your internal monologue, make peace with your past, plan and focus your thinking, and release harmful concepts. You will understand how to free yourself from restricting preconceptions, beliefs which have a negative impact on you, thoughts of obsessive type, and information in your memory which does not comply with reality.

Once a concept is erased, it will no longer occur.

The third course of AoCC consists of one full day and a shorter follow-up day

Participants are required to have completed the courses AoCC I-II, and practiced the learned techniques. After completing the third course, it is possible to progress to the fourth (Super-qualities of consciousness). Once a year, there is an AoCC reunion held at the Lilleoru Hub in Estonia. Meetings for practitioners who have completed the courses are also held in Russia and the USA. If you wish to learn yogic techniques for opening your potentials, you can now also start with Babaji Kriya Yoga.

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The mind and thoughts are not the cornerstone of your wisdom. This cornerstone is your consciousness. Active use of consciousness is what makes a human being wise.