ACC for companies – the next level of self-leadership

Survey by Kantar-Emor in 2018:

*80% of participants considered the learned skills to be practical to their daily activities

*68% of respondents use the learned skills to rapidly solve conflict situations

*on average, men tend to use the acquired techniques more

*top and middle managers use the acquired skills to release stress, and entrepreneurs to recover their state of well-being.

AoCC is a unique method created as a result of 35 years of research. The effectiveness of the method has been confirmed by the positive experiences of approximately 16,000 practitioners.

This teaching of practical consciousness classifies as a pioneering field of research on personal sustainability.

Consciousness – the ultimate key to progress

The Art of Conscious Change (AoCC) method is unique in its application of practical awareness and the seven qualities of consciousness in their active form: the greatest capacity of humans that is little-known in the world as yet.

The unique inner technology of AoCC allows for changes that have so far been unreachable, and at a speed previously considered impossible. By offering practical skills for everyday self-management, it enables positive changes to be initiated at the level of every single employee. It presents the company a real opportunity to take the entire staff and the whole company up to the next level.

To foster the state of flow

In the workplace, the challenges that people face are mainly emotional – boredom, resistance, insecurity, pride, anger, etc. All conflicts between employees are the result of negative emotions. This impacts on the work environment and, as it also influences employees’ abilities to implement their intellect. Automatic emotional reactions create serious obstacles to achieving their set goals.

The foundational course of AoCC does not teach the employees how they should feel, but how they can liberate themselves of the problems plaguing them – independently and immediately, with permanent results. These new skills enable everyone to eradicate all of the emotional obstacles they encounter, both in their professional and personal lives.

The skills gained at the foundational course help you to:

  • manage your emotions in a smart way;
  • quickly recognize the emotion causing a problematic situation/behavior;
  • independently rid yourself of low motivation, boredom and other emotions that prevent effective workflow and cause trouble in your private life;
  • prevent stress, burnout and accumulation of tension;
  • recover your ability to work within a couple of minutes, thereby significantly increasing your efficiency;
  • release the emotions related to conflicts or past unpleasant situations;
  • release the emotions related to upcoming events, meetings and unnecessary worry;
  • quickly manage the emotional reactions that emerge when dealing with difficult colleagues or clients;
  • eradicate tendencies of self-doubt, feelings that you are not good enough, etc.

For the company, this means:

  • employees arriving at work with a sparkle in their eyes;
  • a pleasant working atmosphere with higher levels of empathy;
  • improved cooperation between people, with rapid progress of projects and less procrastination;
  • employees who have the capacity to recover and improve their condition in a second;
  • motivated and healthy employees with increased levels of engagement;
  • wider application of insight and awareness – the building blocks of innovation.

Two-day practical training

The inner technology of the Art of Conscious Change (AoCC) has been created to increase the quality of both people’s professional and personal lives, and to help them solve challenges more efficiently using their most powerful tool – consciousness. If needed, the AoCC foundational course can be carried out in parts, split over two consecutive weeks. For those interested, there is also the opportunity to participate in an advanced course focused on mastering the mind.

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“Every time when a person reacts in an emotional-mental manner, their access to wisdom is severely inhibited.”