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Everything that disturbs you or weighs you down, every personal suffering takes place within you. Automatic emotions like anger, sadness, loneliness, etc – for centuries people have attempted to eliminate these obstacles through suppression, consumption, acting out, substance abuse, discussions – without success.

Why? Because, fundamentally, there is nothing you could acquire to become a better person. The answer to living your best life lies in becoming free from obstacles – in techniques to release all that is toxic and of excess. The Art of Conscious Change (AoCC) will finally give you a map and a compass, the keys to access and utilize your inner tools, release the negative, realize the desired changes, and make your dreams come true.

Practitioners of the AoCC report that they have learned to change their behavior and character, performing miracles in their lives daily.

The only one of its kind: an inner technology to actively
utilize the seven qualities of consciousness


AoCC I: Discover consciousness and True Self, learn about our innate system of five bodies


AoCC II: Learn to release emotional reactions and instantly restore your inner balance


AoCC III: Free yourself forever from the worries, beliefs, thoughts and memories that hold you back


AoCC IV: Activate 7 super-qualities of consciousness. Find inspiration, creativity and ingenuity


AoCC V: Creating from the state of flow. Realize your true potentials, transcend and expand


AoCC for Businesses and Organizations: add innovation, empathy and enthusiasm

Empirical, practical, and grounded in science

According to the WHO, people’s emotional and mental health are the greatest challenges of this century. Psychologists say that, at the heart of every trauma, each difficult experience, is an emotion. Conflict and sustainability are at the core of society’s issues today. Attention deficit, burnout, loneliness are global concerns, etc. All of these problems stem from the same root: automatic activation of emotions.

Everything you consider “normal”, you have learned from others. And you can’t even imagine things to be any different. Having no practical education of our inner world – emotions, the mind, consciousness and the True Self – we are unable to find solutions, and the problems grow. Suffering is a direct result of the autopilot dominating on the driver’s seat in your life.

The use of consciousness to eliminate automatic reactions, both emotions and thought patterns, is crucial for each and every one of us.

There: the suffering that you and others experience is an error, caused by our own ignorance. The solution, therefore, is to learn how to liberate ourselves from these automatic reactions that cause our problems.

An increasing number of scientific studies about mindfulness confirm that already witnessing i.e. using awareness passively, can have a positive impact on your life. Now imagine the effect if we were to use our consciousness actively, as the leading force. The Art of Conscious Change (AoCC) will teach you to do just that.

According to ancient yogic discoveries, all humans are intrinsically good, the “crown of creation”. I created the AoCC in 2008 by combining deep yogic knowledge with an understanding of the challenges we face today: it is a completely new teaching to attain self-liberation and recover your genius in our modern world.

Consciousness as the new paradigm

How will you know that you are ready?

You are ready from the moment you realize – there’s no need to suffer any longer.

You are ready when you want to see actual results of your habit changes – whether it be your diet, exercise, relationships, or something else. You are ready when you want to make fewer decisions based on emotions, to be more balanced and have more energy. And of course – once you know how to release automatic emotions and thought patterns, your low mood, anxiety, tension, stress, and other suffering become a thing of the past. When you learn to apply your consciousness, you too will evolve into a Human 2.0.

Read how participants describe the results of AoCC in an independent Kantar-Emor survey, and see the Estonian TV program “The Eyewitness” (Pealtnägija) describe the AoCC as “a new teaching for humanity.”

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Traveling for experience or studying interesting topics won’t help you improve. They can’t make the bad things you carry inside yourself disappear. You cannot get rid of a weed simply by planting useful plants next to it. You can only get rid of a weed by pulling it.