Ingvar Villido. Acharya Ishwarananda

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  • My vision is a world, where people are able to manage their lives on their own.
    Where people know that only they can change their lives and have learned how to do it.
    I promise that each person who uses the knowledge and techniques that I teach in a right way, will experience positive changes.

    I see that a lot of people cannot attain their goals, because of daily experiences of doubt, fear, anger, sadness, disappointment, discontent, shame, envy, revenge and the like, all accompanied by corresponding thoughts. And people do not know how to become free from these obstacles. You don't assume that a life without these automatic negative emotions is possible and in fact normal. However, when one applies the techniques precisely and persistently, every individual can become a Human 2.0 – a person fully is in charge of their own life, empowered to handle all sorts of different situations. The current challenge is that people do not know who they themselves are and place the inner functions into the same pot with true Self. What I wish for you is a better future, a more fulfilled life than it is now. What I offer is a realistic understanding of the world and yourself as it naturally is, teaching methods to release your inner autopilot and obstacles, develop innate abilities and potentials. I am interested in everyone gaining access to knowledge capable of eliminating suffering, delivering happiness and improving quality of life. Use of awareness as the primary force in life is not all there is, it's the starting point - a new paradigm.   

    It has been nearly 40 years since I started on my path, out of which I have dedicated the last 25 to helping others, teaching practical awareness.  Since I was a child, I have been interested in the underlying principles of how things work. In my small garden, I studied how trees and plants grow, how animals live. My grandpa thought me woodwork, sky map, Morse code, how to make knives and more. Inspired, I became a lifelong researcher of human nature. I studied, practiced and taught many different approaches: various lineages of yoga, different branches of Buddhism, Dzogchen, shamanism, Osho techniques and Vedic teachings. I expected to find answers, but discovered only fragmented parts of knowledge, like pieces of a puzzle. It was not until I came into contact with Kriya Yoga, which belongs to the ancient Tamil Mahasiddha tradition, that all my knowledge came together into a holistic system, revealing the blueprint of human nature. I found the answers I had been looking for and the search came to an end.

    Today I´m a master teacher of Babaji Kriya Yoga, also known as Acharya Ishwarananda, initiating people into these 144 amazing techniques that lead to absolute perfection. Because of what I teach, people call me a visionary in personal sustainability and human development. I am also known as the founder of Human 2.0 personal development program, creator of The Art of Conscious Change method and founder of Lilleoru educational hub in Estonia along with the School of Practical Awareness located there. Outside I may appear as a speaker or an entrepreneur, but inside I am still simply a yogi. 

    To date, more than 16.000 people have participated in my courses, lectures, and initiations. These thousands of students have proven with positive changes in their lives that what I teach really works, bringing incredible benefits to them as well as to others surrounding them. All this gives me the confidence to say: each person who uses this knowledge and techniques in a correct way, will experience positive and lasting change. 

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