Ingvar Villido. Acharya Ishwarananda

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    I´m a yogi, master teacher of awareness and Kriya Yoga. Investigation of the human's inner world and teaching the principles of its functioning is my profession. I´m known for founding Lilleoru educational hub and The School of Practical Awareness. Also, as the creator of Human 2.0 personal development program and vision and The Art of Conscious Change course series and method. 

    The trouble with the current worldview is that people don´t know themselves. They lack stability in their lives because of constantly identifying with changing emotions and thoughts. People tend to turn outwards in search for solutions to their problems. However, the key lies in the inner world. The positive change starts when you start using more and more awareness in daily life. This creates a new, stable basis, serving as the starting point for an upgraded life. A person who intentionally uses awareness is daily life is fully in charge of their life, empowered to eliminate suffering, improve their quality of life and succeed in any situation. I call such a person Human 2.0.

    My explorations of human nature started over 35 years ago. The last 25 years of my life have been dedicated to teaching and helping others. Since I was a child, I have been interested in the underlying principles of how things work. In my small garden, I studied how trees and plants grow, how animals live. Inspired, I became a lifelong researcher of human nature. Over the years I studied, practiced and taught various lineages of Yoga, different branches of Buddhism, Dzogchen, Shamanism, as well as Native American and Vedic teachings. I was looking for answers, but discovered only fragmented knowledge, like pieces of a puzzle. It was not until I came into contact with Kriya Yoga, that a holistic system was formed, gathering all prior experiences and knowledge into a wholesome system. A blueprint of human nature emerged. I found the answers I had been looking for and my search came to an end.

    I´m interested in spreading knowledge that helps people to learn how to free themselves from automatic habits and transform their suffering into lasting happiness. I teach practical awareness-based methods and knowledge for mastering the automatic processes of the inner world, releasing disturbing tensions and shaping qualitatively new basic skills for acting more efficiently, finding innovative solutions and achieving stable well-being.
    To date, more than 16.000 people have participated in my courses, lectures, and initiations. These thousands of students have proven with positive changes in their lives that what I teach really works, bringing incredible benefits to them as well as to others surrounding them. All this gives me the confidence to say: each person who uses this knowledge and techniques in a correct way, will experience positive and lasting change. For more feedback, read the testimonials here and here. To read the longer stories of positive change, click here and here

    If you wish to learn more about my life and background, read here.

    Ingvar with his students in front of The School of Practical Awareness in Lilleoru in 2017.